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Please pardon our crystal dust as we make some adjustments to our site.

If you are interested in being in touch with others who are enthusiastic about the energy therapies, you may be interested in joining the Energy Therapy Network of the Mid-Atlantic States, which includes people from Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware, as well as a few others who have asked to be included. We ask everyone who joins to make a one-time donation of $5 to help cover costs associated with the network.

While all members are listed on the Energy Therapy Network site, many of us also participate in the Energy Therapy Network mailing list. It’s a wonderful way to share information about training opportunities, peer groups, case presentations, and new ideas in the energy field.

Currently coordinated by Shawn Adler, the ETN was first formed in 1999 by Debby Vajda, an energy psychotherapist who moved to Oregon in June 2007. Lisa Stafford coordinated it for one year.

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