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Energy Therapy Network of The Mid-Atlantic States
Membership Directory
District of Columbia

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Virginia ETN Members by City

Becky Carroll
Dia Costello
Andy Danzig
Irwin Dubinsky
Kara Falck
Randy Goldberg
Raymond Holmes
Virginia Ibarra
Kate Kelly
Jennifer Kogan
Nancy Meaker
Jeanne Mitchler-Fiks
Maureane O’Shaugnessy
Jeanette Paroly
Mary Patsel
Alice B Penner
Leonard Rosenbaum
Annie Shaw
Candice Sinai,
S. Kya Supers
Juliette G. Tahar
Marion S. Werner
Nancy Meaker
Mary Lee Zetter

Energy Therapy Network Of The Mid-Atlantic States
Membership Directory

Name: Becky Carroll, Ph.D.
Profession: Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Address: 3000 Connecticut Ave N.W., Suite 400A Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202-332-8477
Email: b.carroll@mac.com
Therapies: TFT-Dx, TAT, EFT, EMDR-L2+, Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT), Hypnotherapy
Specialization: Trauma, PTSD, Dissociative Disorders and within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.
Website: www.lgbtc.com
Name: Pattie Cinelli, B.S.
Profession: Personal and lifestyle trainer, writer
Phone: 202-544-0177
Email: fitness@pattiecinelli.com
Therapies: Mind body movement that can include core training, Pilates, yoga, strength and flexibility development, stress reduction, relaxation, breathing techniques.
Name: Dia Costello, LCSW-C
Profession: Clinical social worker
Address: 5402 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 102 B Washington, DC 20015
Phone: 202-244-5510
Email: dia@diaclaire.com
Therapies: PSYCH-K, TAT, NET (NeuroEmotional Technique), EMDR, EFT Specialization
Specialization: Trauma, abuse histories, self-empowerment
Website: www.diaclaire.com
Name: Andy Danzig, LCSW
Profession: Social Worker
Address: 3670 Upton Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008
Phone: 202-363-6767
Email: adanzig@aol.com
Therapies: Jungian talk therapy, imagery, learning Polarity therapy
Specialization: Family, couples, young adults in transition
Name: Irwin Dubinsky, LCSW, Ph.D.
Profession: Psychotherapist
Address: 1634 Eye St NW Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-783-6255
Email: IrvDub@aol.com
Therapies: TFT, EMDR, NLP, Hypnosis
Specialization: PTSD, trauma, couples marital problems, depression, mid-life crisis and transitions
Name: Kara Falck
Profession: Clinical Social Worker
Address: DC
Office Phone: 301-233-4937
Email: sleepingserpenthealing@gmail.com
Therapies: Psychotherapy, Bonding Psychotherapy, Attachment Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy
Specialization: Family, adults, and adolescents: trauma, bonding and attachment, child and adolescent development, mindfulness and meditation.
Name: Randy Goldberg
Profession: Astrologer, Craniosacral therapist, and Family Constellation facilitator
Address: 2347 Ashmead PL NW Washington DC 20009
Phone: 202-518-0442
Therapies: Astrology (Western and Indian Vedic), Craniosacral therapy
Specialization: Family Constellation therapy (individual and group)
Website: www.randygoldberg.org
Name: Mildred (Millie) Goldstone
Profession: Psychologist, Reiki Master
Address: 5225 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Suite 705 Washington, D.C. 20015
Work Phone: 202-363-9322
Home Phone: 202-244-1444
Therapies: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Couples and Family Therapy, Reiki
Specialization: Holistic Psychotherapy, Reiki (Long Distance and In Person),Usui, Karuna, Kundalini, Gold, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Touch
Comments: Reiki Practitioner and Instructor to facilitate relaxation and well being, relieve stress and chronic pain, release creative potential, and increase self awareness and self confidence.
Website: www.drmilliegoldstone.com
Name: Raymond Holmes CEO, QI Consulting, LLC Founder/Director Quintessence Institute LLC
Profession: Stress Management Consultant, Senior Paralegal, Professional Speaker, Seminar and Workshop presenter, Accelerated Learning Trainer
Address: 1747B Swann Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-272-8892
Email: Rayofquinn6655@yahoo.com
Therapies: Re-evaluation Co-counseling, Self-Talk, Biolinguistics
Specialization: Stress Awareness, inner-development, Jyoti Meditation
Comments: I present public lectures, seminars, and workshops
Name: Virginia Ibarra
Profession: ThetaHealing Practitioner, Graphic Designer
Address: 1601 New Jersey Avenue, NW Apt 2 Washington, D.C. 20001
Work Phone: 202-328-8137
Home Phone: 703-298-6019
Email: openspace2@verizon.net
Therapies: Energy Healing using hands-on-healing and other methodologies, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Yoga and Sacred Movement. Ongoing studies with Maryke Barclay at Indigo Light Institute.
Name: Kate Kelly, LGSW
Profession: Clinical Social Worker
Address: 6124 29th Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20015
Work Phone: 202-321-4379
Home Phone: 202-237-6050
Email: katekkelly@aol.com
Therapies: Yoga and meditation
Specialization: Kids and families/adults
Name: Jennifer Kogan, LICSW
Profession: Social Work
Address: 4000 Albemarle Street, NW, #510, Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202-2125-2790
Email: jenko108@gmail.com
Therapies: Emotionally focused, imago, gottman, mindfulness/stress reduction
Name: Nancy Meaker, MA
Profession: Energy Healer
Address: Takoma, DC and Eye Street Massage, Foggy Bottom, DC
Work Phone: 202-577-6004 | 202-463-0987
Email: nmeaker@gmail.com
Therapies: Brennan Healing Science
Specialization: Energy Healing
Website: www.nancymeaker.com
Name: Jeanne Mitchler-Fiks, LCSW
Profession: Social Work
Address: 2501 Calvert Street NW, #506 Washington DC 20008
Work Phone: 202-588-9885
Home Phone: Same
Email: jmfiks@aol.com
Therapies: EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, healing, cognitive therapy, guided imagery, hypnosis, gestalt therapy
Specialization: Depression, relationships, pain management, anxiety, phobias, phone and hands on.
Comments: In therapy, I work within the client’s own spiritual/religious belief system
Name: Maureane O’Shaugnessy
Profession: Iridologist/Consultant/Facilitator
Address: Washington, D.C.
Phone: 202- 232-2863
Email: maureaneoshauugnessy@verizon.net
Therapies: Iridology, Bach Herbs, EFT, Body Electronics, Energy Healing, Remote Healing, Retrievals, Personalized Nutritional Healing Programs, Life Coach
Specialization: Acute and Chronic Illness, Energy Imbalances/Clearing, Medical Intuitive, Empath
Name: Jeanette Paroly, Ph.D., LPC
Profession: Counseling and Consultation
Address: 4401 35th St. NW Washington, DC 20008
Work Phone: 202-237-2223
Email: DrJeanetteParoly@aol.com
Therapies: Somatic awareness, EMDR Certified, Brief Strobic Photostimulation (advanced trained), Focused Energy
Specialization: General Practice, Individuals, Couples, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Pain Management, Creativity and Artistic Enhancement, Performance Enhancement
Comments: I work on a reduced fee basis where not covered by insurance.
Name: Mary Patsel
Profession: Financial Counselor, “Money Coach”
Address: 4415 Harrison Street, NW Washington, DC 20015-2107
Phone: 202-966-6481
Email: marypatsel@gmail.com
Specialization: Prosperity consciousness, basic financial planning, debt management, Quicken instruction and ease of use, any aspect of life that money affects.
Name: Alice B Penner, LICSW
Profession: Clinical Social Work
Mailing Address: 3700 Davenport St NW Washington, DC 20016
Office: 1090 Vermont Ave NW, #800 Washington, DC 20005
Work Phone: 202-296-7739
Home Phone: 202-362-7116
Email: Alicepenner@erols.com
Therapies: Eclectic, hypnosis/stress management, EMDR and energy field therapies.
Specialization: Sexual dysfunctions, gay, lesbian and transgender issues, couples, family, individual, group, ranscultural issues, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship, addictive behaviors, and panic.
Comments: Speak German (Swiss German origin).
Name: Leonard Rosenbaum
Profession: Alternative cancer treatment, holistic health consultation, education
Address: Washington, DC
Phone: 202-393-2885
Email: leonardleonard1@earthlink.net
Therapies: Intuitive massage, Reiki, holistic health information
Specialization: Diabetes, infectious diseases
Name: Annie Shaw, RPP
Profession: Polarity Practitioner
Address: 3701 Connecticut Avenue NW (near Cleveland Park metro) Washington, D.C.
Phone: 301-275-9870
Email: Annie.shaw@verizon.net
Therapies: Polarity Practitioner and Educator (Polarity Bodywork, Polarity Yoga, Polarity Cleansing Diet, self awareness). REIKI, level III, training in zero balancing, Thought Field Therapy, BrainGym movements, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and ongoing studies.
Specialization: Chronic illnesses
Name: Candice Sinai, MsT, RPP, SEP
Profession: Bodyworker, Movement Teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Office: BodyWisdom 3701 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 2 Washington, DC 20008
Work Phone: 202-966-6113
Home Phone: 202-669-0924
Email: body-wisdom@earthlink.net
Therapies: Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Massage Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Wellness Education, Yoga and Healing Movement, Holistic Nutrition, Zero Balancing, Sound Healing, Biosonic Repatterning
Specialization: Recognizing how to live from inherent health and realize the beauty and wisdom of their true nature. BodyWisdom
Comments: Polarity Therapy Training, playshops and skillshops on creativity, spirituality and health, yung living essential oils.
Name: S. Kya Supers
Profession: Director, Wise Women Web Network of Healing-Arts Professionals
Address: DC
Phone: 202-372-7351
Email: WomenHealers@aol.com
Therapies: Variety
Website: www.WiseWomenWeb.net
Name: Juliette G. Tahar
Profession: President, Healthy Living Inc. Macrobiotic (aka energy cooking) Chef instructor. Space and personal energy clearing practitioner.
Address: 3900 Tunlaw Rd. N.W. #314 Washington DC 20007
Work Phone: 202-497-5269
Home Phone: 202-337-0362
Email: HealthyLivingInc@earthlink.net
Therapies: Space and personal clearing based on Eric Dowsett’s work.
Specialization: Macrobiotics cooking. Space clearing (Metaphysical, ghosts, geological stress, electromagnetic disturbances), personal clearing (trauma, blockages, coaching).
Website: www.HealthyLivingInc.org
Name: Marion S. Werner M.Ed., CHTP
Profession: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Address: 3201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 501 Washington DC 20016 (National Cathedral)
Phone: 202-966-5717
Email: marionwerner301-654-0473@yahoo.com
Therapies: Healing Touch, Reiki, mind-body medicine techniques for self awareness and self care.
Specialization: General health and well-being, opening the heart, easing anxiety and depression, helping adolescents with stress and anxiety, complementary cancer care, self-empowerment.
Comments: I also work with groups on such topics as, “Balance in Living,” “Developing Intuition,” and “Solutions for Stress for Teenagers.”
Name: Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C
Profession: Clinical Social Worker
Office: 1000 29th Street Washington (Georgetown) DC 20007
Phone: 443-822-6100
Email: mlzetter@comcast.net
Therapies: Seemorg Matrix Energy Therapy, TFT, EFT, BSFF, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Tx and Energy Therapy
Specialization: Women’s issues, pain management, Healing States, anxiety and depression, couples therapy, trauma and sexual abuse.

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