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We are a membership organization with a lifetime fee of $5. The network is open to anyone who is interested in joining us. We have an active list serve (Yahoo Group), which will keep you up to date on issues and events relating to energy therapy in our area, as well as a directory of our members. The current directories can be accessed in the Top Menu. Thank you for visiting and we hope that you decide to join our network.

There are only two steps to becoming a full member of the Energy Therapy Network Of The Mid-Atlantic States:

Pay $5.00 via Paypal by using the Buy Now button below.

If you prefer to send a check by regular mail,  you can send a $5.00 check to:

Healing Crystals
Attn: Energy Therapy Network
44330 Mercure Circle #170
Sterling, Virginia 20166

Fill out the form below and send it to us via our Contact Us form from our primary website, or by regular mail (to the same address listed above).

After receiving your $5.00 fee and your application, we will add you to the Yahoo Group ListServ to begin receiving emails from the Energy Therapy Network community members and your information added to our Practitioner Directory.

The network is open to anyone who is interested in joining us.  Feel free to omit any sections of the application that don’t apply to you.
 Please only include your home address and/or phone number on this form if its okay to include it in the directory.


Preferred Initials: [PhD, LCSW-C, etc.]


Address: [City, State, Zip Code]

Work phone:

Home phone:


Therapies: [Therapies used]

Areas of Specialization:

Additional comments:


Would you like to be included in a separate listing of people who work by telephone?

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